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Zululand School of the Bible

Empangeni Baptist has begun to impact Zululand (Northern Kwazulu-Natal) through the training of rural pastors and Church leaders, by starting and hosting the Zululand School of the Bible, in association with the South Coast Bible School.

This came as a result of identifying a need in Zululand for teachers in churches. Many pastors in this area have never been able to have any form of formal Bible training. As a result of this, many churches in Zululand are weak in areas of doctrine and solid Bible teaching. As the need for Bible training was identified, plans were committed to the Lord in prayer.

The name, Zululand School of the Bible, was chosen as it reflected the area that we wanted to focus on, as well as the subject that would be the highlight in training. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, God led us to come into contact with the South Coast Bible School, which had been started under the leadership of Rev Ron Wesson of Crusade for Christ. Ron Wesson has also been the catalyst to the starting of a number of similar schools.

With the help of the South Coast Bible School, who have made their course material available to us, as well as often sending lecturers to help promote the success of the School, the Zululand School of the Bible was started in March 2004.

The School is designed to train pastors, evangelists and lay leaders of all denominations who are unable to spend extended periods away from home for family, financial or other reasons. Those who attend join for 12 weeks of intense full-time study over a 3-year period, i.e. one week of full time study four times per year. Most of those attending are involved in tent evangelism in rural areas on the North Coast of Kwazulu-Natal, in the Zululand Mission Outreach ministry, or in pastoral ministry in nearby areas.

Students are given accommodation at the Empangeni Baptist Church and all meals are provided by willing volunteers from the church. It is our aim to feed the body and the soul well. Each student is expected to pay a small amount of R200 ($35) for the week (Sunday to Friday), although limited sponsorship is available. We are always hesitant to turn any away who have a hunger for God’s Word.

The courses have been designed so that new students may enrol at any stage in the 3 year cycle. Most lectures are presented in English with Zulu interpretation. Our future goal is to see this being a place where we can teach Zulu pastors sound doctrine in their mother tongue for the strengthening of the local church.

An exciting aspect of this School has been its impact on the Empangeni Baptist Church. It seems that there is a growing excitement about the opportunities for service that this School affords. Members and friends in the church have freely given of their time and energy in order to serve the students. This has been a great blessing to the students as well, as many of the people who are serving are white, and owing to South Africa’s past, many black people have never experienced this kind of joyful service. What a display of God’s grace this has become.

Testimonies from those who have attended to date have been extremely encouraging, and those involved in all the practical details of running the School have been blessed just by being involved.

We have received a generous gifts to cover the needs of the School from various friends. Thank you to all for partnering with us in this great venture!

We are excited about what the future holds for a ministry of this nature and we are trusting God for His guidance into the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please keep us in your prayers as we seek to serve the purposes of God in our generation!

Feedback from Students
"I thank God that, in His grace, this School has been established. I have learned much and the lessons have had a tremendous impact on my life and ministry. I especially want to thank God for the Principal, the lecturers and those who served us in the kitchen. When I see their example in serving, I am humbled, blessed and determined to serve others. God bless you all." Lawrence Mngomezulu

"I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to examine the Scriptures. I have been refreshed in my soul by the courses presented to us in such a loving, spiritual and yet professional way. Thanks to the kitchen and dining-room staff - your example of serving has blessed us." Lindizwe Jobe

"I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been blessed ever since I started at the School last year. My life and the life of the Church I attend have been greatly impacted and helped. I have seen in your lives the fruit of the Spirit that we are taught about at the School. May God abundantly bless and cause the School to grow." Thandi Sibiya

"I first of all want to thank God for the wonderful caring atmosphere at the School. The lessons are well presented by the teachers. We have learned many truths we did not previously understand. May God open many doors for this School." Khanyisani Shobede

"I rejoice to see the love among the staff at the School. The teaching and the service was 100%. I have learned much Biblical truth, yet this is the first time I attended this School. Thanks to the Principal, the lecturers, translators, the men and women who served so selflessly in the kitchen. God bless you all." Abegail Myaka

"I rejoice greatly for this opportunity to attend the Zululand School of the Bible. I learned many things last year, and have been encouraged in my ministry. May God bless our teachers tremendously. Please try and give us the notes in Zulu. God bless all those who have made the School a success." Langalethu Ngwenya

"I thank God for all the Biblical truths I have learned at the School. My life has been transformed radically. All the lessons are well presented by the lecturers and translators. We are well cared for by the kitchen and dining-room staff. Many thanks to our Principal for starting this School. God bless you all." Fikile Gumede

"My perspective of Zululand School of the Bible:

The lecturers present the lessons in an excellent manner and are very helpful.
The lessons are very good and easy to understand.
The organisation and administration of the School is very good.
The service in the kitchen and dining-room has been very good.
I trust that all the students have been richly blessed." Ernest Nxumalo

"I would like to thank God for this opportunity to attend the Bible School. It encourages me in my calling." Bethuel Mpontshane

"Since I started here last year, I have been helped so much. Since I started here, no man can stand before me and lie to me about the Bible. In December last year I visited Mozambique to preach the Gospel there and a man from there gave testimony that I am preaching the Gospel like a person who is coming from Bible School. I praised God about that. All that was a result of the courses I am doing in this School. The Holy Spirit really worked in my life because of the knowledge I gained from this School. I praise God for the kitchen staff, as well as my Principal. They are full of patience, have smiling faces, friendliness, and are very active. May God bless them for their services." Amos Tembe


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