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History has always been a reminder of God at work; Empangeni Baptist is no different as we look back and testify to the faithfulness of Christ to His Church. Looking at the history of Empangeni Baptist, it is appropriate that the theme for the 35th Anniversary Celebrations is "To the Glory of God." This is the primary reason for the church's existence and what the goal of the church ought to be.

The true history of Empangeni Baptist Church is still beginning. This takes place through the legacy left in the lives of individuals who have been transformed by the grace of God and the impact they have had and will still have in the community. Heaven will testify to how much of an impact Empangeni Baptist Church will have into the future.


It would be wrong at this time to just reflect on the pastors of the church, as if they were the ones who made the history of this church, but we must acknowledge the input of its many members who, over the years, have given themselves faithfully to serving the purposes of God. There are also too many people to mention by name, but they are not forgotten.


It is my prayer that this document will be a blessing to you and to future generations. My thanks to all who have made these 35th Anniversary Celebrations become a reality. As has happened in the past, now we must move forward "To the Glory of God!"

Bruce Mackenzie

May 2004


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